Defining spaces, refining lives.

Pinsky Project offers comprehensive de-cluttering and organization services to allow you to live around only what you love.

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Everything in its right place.

The spaces in which you spend your time greatly affect your well-being and productivity—we’re here to ensure that effect is positive. The Pinsky Project is a highly detail-orientated complete organizational service designed to put your past and present in order by considering, curating, and de-cluttering your surroundings to bring you order, efficiency, and happiness.


We consider everything in your space and filter it down to only what you actually love, need, and use.


We declutter, tidy, and organize your space to promote productive and efficient use.


Refined, organized living will save you time and money, nourish the mind, reduce stress, and simply your life.

“The details. That’s what the world is made of.”
— Wes Anderson

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A native Californian, Julia started Pinsky Project after 15 years in the fashion industry in New York City. An extensive traveler, Julia realized she’d come to cherish collecting memories and experiences over physical things and—after reorganizing her living spaces—realized that in living an organized life, anything is possible. Decluttering was no longer a chore but a way of life.

Now bi-coastal, Julia and her team offer comprehensive services to reorganize your home, work, and lifestyle. With a keen eye for design and style and a passion for travel, Julia draws inspiration from a wealth of sources to inform her work—striving to help her clients refine their surroundings and enjoy more efficient, ordered, and all-around happier lives.

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Pinsky Project was an immense help when we needed it most! My husband and I moved into a new home and had two days to get the apartment ready for guests. PP tackled the closets and kitchen, helping to sort, donate and beautifully arrange.  They completed everything in half the time it would have taken us, and we couldn’t be happier!

— New York, NY

Working with Julia at Pinsky Project could not have been a more pleasant experience! So organized and thoughtful in her approach, always solution oriented, and just so much fun to be around! The end result was absolutely incredible – I felt like I had an entirely new home!

— Los Angeles, CA

Julia did an amazing job organizing my closet into a beautiful, neatly laid out, easy to navigate space. She was efficient and professional and it was a pleasure working with her. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

— New York, NY

Life changing! I realized how much easier and more efficient my life would be with just the necessities, where everything has a place.

— Los Angeles, CA


Efficient living is better living.

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